Change is always a difficult part of life and change can be even bigger for children, especially when going into a new year at school. State school learning isn’t for everyone and combining new workloads and expectations with learning new concepts can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. 

As well as the growing expectations placed upon children in schools year on year, parents and caregivers may also feel an expectation to keep up with them and hiring private tutors are becoming more common-place.

The highly experienced private tutors in our Birmingham Tuition Centres offer the chance of extra academic support for children who need it and who will benefit from it. Private tutoring isn’t a new concept, but with our vast knowledge and the fully qualified teachers that we employ, we are here to help your children for as long as they need it and going from year to year.

Bridging the Gap

For some children, settling into a new year can be stressful, especially being in large classrooms and having to adapt to learning styles that don’t suit them. Private tutors can help to bridge the gap between the old year and new year by teaching the pupils in smaller classrooms, therefore giving more individual and customised attention. This can also make learning feel more personal and more tailored to each person as every student is different and they all require different styles of learning. 

At the beginning of the year, private tutors will take the time to get to know the children so that they can determine their strengths and areas of development. The students will still be learning everything in the curriculum, so year to year, the transition for them should be smoother. 

Private tutors can help with any homework and test practice and will be there as extra help for children, so the children won’t feel left behind next to their peers. In particular, during the summer, Achieving Success offers booster classes for children who want to repeat some elements of the year just gone, in order to be ready for the coming year.

Psychological Impact

The benefit of having a private tutor means that you are able to choose someone who your child trusts and this will be easier when they are progressing into a new year. A private tutor can help children to feel calmer about school in general and they can create a positive association with learning.  It’s always good to have someone extra for children to go to as support and having a great support network will mean that your child feels comfortable at all times.

The world of learning is forever changing, so it’s easy for children to lose confidence, especially when they can become lost in the state school system. Our “level boosting” course can bolster confidence amongst children who are changing year groups. The course helps children to develop the skills that they need and will help them to become more well-rounded students. When your child feels confident within the classroom, the year gap won’t feel so large or significant.

As a difference to generic private tutoring, Achieving Success offers informal, class based learning with bespoke material and the latest facilities. This keeps your child in a classroom environment so the jump from year to year won’t seem so big and will seem like a natural progression. Psychologically, this will also help to settle children into any school environment as they will always associate learning with the classroom.

Settling in at Their Own Pace

Parents/caregivers can also help their children to settle into a new year at school and the benefit of having a private tutor means that they can give informed advice on how to tackle the situation. Our tutors are fully trained and are currently working in either primary school or secondary school education, so they are prepared for any worries that children or parents and caregivers might have about their children taking the next step in school. On top of school support, private tutoring offers an extra level of personal support that state school teachers haven’t got the time to give.

Some children will enjoy learning things at their own pace and state schools generally offer a ‘one size fits all’ way of teaching which may not be beneficial for all children. This can sometimes make the gap from changing into the year above feel bigger than it needs to be. To cater for this, our fully qualified tutors know the curriculum, so they can help your child with extra support if you feel there is something your child would benefit from re-learning. This, in turn, will help your child throughout the year as they will never get left behind.

How Our Tutors Can Help You

Extracurricular classes, such as our tuition centres in Birmingham and Solihull are becoming increasingly popular as the expectations of children and results continue to grow.

Regardless of whether you are looking for 11 Plus Tutoring, GCSE Tutoring, SATS or Grammar School Tutoring in Birmingham – Achieving Success is the premier tutoring agency in Birmingham. We provide tutoring for all the main exams and core subjects, including English, Maths and Science.

All of our programs are completely bespoke and taught in actual schools by fully qualified teachers who teach Monday to Friday outside of our sessions. This means they are fully engaged with the current academic syllabus and can help with all the upcoming exams.