Help to boost your child’s English ability and prepare them for the various exams they are going to sit with the help of an English tutor in birmingham. Whether they’re in Primary school and are looking to get into grammar school or they are preparing for the GCSEs, Achieving Success has got you covered.

Our experienced English tutors stand tall compared to others as they’re all fully qualified and currently employed teachers. Your child’s’ private English tutor will be teaching English language and grammar classes every day outside of our tuition sessions. When your child studies English with us, you know they’re getting taught by teachers who are completely up to date with the current curriculum.

We help a number of different students with varying abilities and ages. If your child speaks English as a foreign language and needs that extra support to succeed, we can find the most suitable level for them. When you book an appointment with Achieving Success, we have a free assessment day where we find the perfect class for you.

Benefits Of An English Tutor

Strong English skills are essential for students, no matter what they want to pursue in life. English is one of the core subjects that everyone must take at GCSE, and your grades in this can impact which universities, colleges and apprenticeships your child is allowed to attend in the future. That means it is absolutely vital that your child builds a strong understanding of the subject from an early age. One of the best ways you can ensure your child’s future success is by choosing Achieving Success as your child’s English Tutor.

The skills you develop in English will help your child with every other subject. When it comes to composing a piece of writing (whether that’s in English class, geography, science, or any other subject), it’s often difficult to know exactly where to begin without proper guidance. If you find that your child has creative ideas but doesn’t know how to put them together, that’s where English Tutors come in. Meaningful organisation methods help students understand their own thoughts so they can be conveyed in ways that make sense.

In addition, the subject of English goes beyond words written on a page. Being able to verbally communicate an idea is equally as important as being able to explain it through text. When it comes to developing confidence, an English tutor empowers your child to be able to express their thoughts out loud.

From Shakespeare’s “thees” and “thous”, to adverbs and modal verbs, English as a subject might not be appealing to a lot of children. Our teachers can help your child with their homework, as well as help them make meaningful connections to the subject matter, which is vital when it comes to helping your child enjoy learning. What’s more, you can get all this from the comfort of your own home. We offer online tutoring that will be incredibly rewarding for your child.

Fully Qualified English Tutors

Bespoke Courses Covering All Topics

From Year 3 to Year 11

All Course Material Provided

English is the foundation of good communication skills. Everyone needs to be able to read, write and speak articulately in order to succeed. As the population becomes more diverse, with new languages and cultures, English is therefore becoming increasingly important, since the skills learnt during these sessions are essential for everyday life and success as an adult. The small and intimate nature of the classes means your child gets the attention they need to succeed, allowing our English tutors to build upon their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Achieving Success provides you with 4 tutoring centres where you can schedule lessons with private English tutors in Birmingham. There are a variety of classes and levels to help boost your child’s overall English ability and understanding. We make sure to find a class that’s right for your child.

As award-winning educational providers, we understand the potential disruption that long periods off school could cause to a child’s academic progression. This is why we offer both online and offline English tutoring in Birmingham. With our GCSE tuition classes, your child can get regular exposure to national curriculum content and develop the valuable skills that they need to succeed. With over 16 years of experience in helping children achieve their academic goals, we can help your child stay on track!

Achieving Success provides you with the main English tutoring services:

Early learners, SATs Preparation, 11 Plus Grammar, KS3, GCSE, Holiday Classes, Online Classes


We have regular and extensive classes for the following:

Achieving Success combines a unique blend of teaching experience with modern techniques to equip your child with all the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the grammar test. Our 11 plus grammar school programme covers the key content and skills for the CEM and GL exams.

Well planned schemes of work, ably supported by our outstanding english tutors enables our pupils to make rapid progress across year 7 and year 8. We firmly believe that excellent teaching and learning is the key for young people to make the progress they need in order to achieve outstanding grades.

The new national curriculum demands a clear and extensive focus on core knowledge, understanding and skills. Achieving Success Tutoring has given due consideration to the assessment objectives and ensured that our schemes of work reflect the essential knowledge and skills our pupils require.



All of our pupils achieved “Expected” and above in their SATS examinations compare to the national average of 61%. This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate all of our students as well as the Achieving Success teaching team.


10 out of 11 of our pupils obtained a place in a Grammar school in Birmingham. An outstanding achievement that speaks volumes of the thorough and consistent teaching that we deliver.


Another outstanding result with all of our pupils achieving a good “Grade 5” in both English and Maths.This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate all of our students as we as the Achieving Success teaching team.


Two of our pupils achieved a “Grade 8” in English in Maths -putting them in the top 2% of the country! One of our pupils also took their English Literature exam in Year 10 and achieved a “Grade 7”.

Stunning English tuition centers in Erdington, Hodge Hill, Aston and Harborne

The latest classrooms allow your child to shine and provide a safe learning environment

Purpose built classrooms with great learning tools

Your child can really flourish in full classrooms with tools such as projectors, smartboards and whiteboards.

Tuition In Birmingham With Full Classrooms.
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STEP – 1

Call us on
0121 769 2795

STEP – 2

Attend the free assessment

Every child takes a free assessment paper which gives us an indication of their ability.
Our team will then provide feedback to you as a parent informing you of our expectations and how we hope to develop your child.

The assessment day is also a great opportunity for you to come and see our facilities And meet the team.
And best of all  – it is totally free and their is no obligation to join!

Here are some frequently asked questions.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from parents
who have trusted us with their children….

“There are quite a few tutoring centers to choose from but none of them offered my child tutoring from fully qualified teachers. I spoke with the curriculum director who was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. My son is in the 11 plus group and has really come on leaps and bounds.”

Michelle Smith

Erdington, Birmingham


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from parents who have trusted us with their children….

“A breath of fresh air! Most of the other tutoring centers i spoke to had undergraduates teaching. This concerned me due to their lack of experience and understanding. I was also worried about the halls they were teaching in. However with Achieving Success i was so relieved that all teachers are fully qualified and the facilities are amazing!”

Ayah Rafique

Aston, Birmingham


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from parents who have trusted us with their children….

“My daughter is 8 years old so i was looking for someone to develop her from a young age with a view to entering her to a grammar school. She enjoys the small class sizes and enjoys going to the center every Saturday.”

Zafreen Hussain

Erdington, Birmingham


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from parents who have trusted us with their children….

“A really affordable service that does not sacrifice quality at all. In fact, having sent my 13 year old to several other centers, i can safely say Achieving Success stand head and shoulders above the others.”

Tom Ewer


Why Choose Achieving Success?

Whether you are looking for 11 Plus Tutoring, GCSE Tutoring, SATS or Grammar School Tutoring in Birmingham – Achieving Success are the premier tutoring agency in Birmingham. All of our tutoring programs are completely bespoke and taught in the latest classrooms by experts, allowing your child to reach their maximum potential.

Fully Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers are fully qualified and have been teaching at either primary or secondary level. They have years of experience and are fully equipped to execute the teaching pedagogy required to meet the demands of the new national curriculum.

Latest Facilities

Unlike other centers. we work with established schools. This means your child will study in purposebuilt classrooms with the best facilities. Schools trust us because they recognise the quality of the service that we offer.

Bespoke Material

We tailor our syllabus in keeping with goverment changes each year. Everything is designed to allow your child to perform at their best and give them the perfect opportunity to make maximum progress. Each syllabus perfectly prepares your child as they progress.

Safe And Secure

We know how important safety and security are.That’s why all staff are 088 checked including police checks to ensure they are cleared to be working with children. All centers are built to the highest government standards and have the necessary fire exits and first aiders onsite.

Outstanding Results

Given the attention they deserve, our pupils have exceeded all national levels and many have exceeded their own expectations! Many of our pupils have achieved 100% pass rates and we have celebrated many grammar school admissions.

Centers Across Birmingham

With centers conveniently located around Birmingham, you are never too far from an Achieving Success center. All centers have onsite parking. Our centers are in Erdington, Hodge Hill, Aston and Sutton Coldfield with many more on the way!

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