We work closely with students and their parents to allow every pupil to reach their maximum potential. Here are some of our great results from last year:


“Expected” and above SATs results – compared to the national average of 61%. An outstanding achievement.


All of our pupils in the 11 Plus class passed their Grammar School exams. A wonderful achievement by all involved.


GCSE – 100% “Grade 5” in English and Maths. Another outstanding result that is far above the national average.


GCSE “Grade 8” – two pupils came in the top 2% of the country in English and Maths.


115 Holford Dr, Perry Barr, Birmingham B42 2TU

Purpose built classrooms with great learning tools

At our School, your child can really flourish in full classrooms with tools such as projectors, smartboards and whiteboards.


With decades of collective tutoring experience, our professional tutors can help your child reach their full potential and surpass their expectations. We pride ourselves on the excellent performance of our pupils on exam-day.

Year 1 to 2 Young Learners

Children of all ages strive for excellence at Achieving Success. Our low teacher-student ratio cannot be matched in ordinary education, and allows Year 1 and 2 students the time and attention they need to learn and develop, both personally and academically. Our “Young Learners” online programme gives your child the unique, and enviable, opportunity to unlock their full potential under the professional, passionate instruction of our dedicated teachers, setting them up for life.

11 Plus Preparation (From Year 3 Onwards)

Achieving Success want to make sure that their students can pursue their education in grammar schools across the country, which is why we offer the 11 Plus preparation programme. Our unbeatable pass rate means that your child is being given the best possible education opportunities, despite the changing nature of the schooling system. Teaching both core topics and exam strategy, our experienced staff use an original teaching method, allowing your child to receive the dedicated learning they deserve.

11 Plus Intensive Holiday Workshop

If you are troubled by your child’s current academic performance, then our 11 Plus Intensive Holiday Workshop may be helpful. We provide an additional online learning experience during the half term, lead by highly attentive teachers. All students that participate are guaranteed to benefit, returning to school with a greater understanding of lesson content.

Year 3 to 6 Level Boosting

All pupils shine when engaged positively and attentively. Achieving Success offers additional, “Level Boosting” tutoring to help your child develop the skills and attitude needed at primary and secondary level. The detailed, focused programme prioritises the necessary education objectives, and ensures that all pupils receive the high quality teaching they deserve. Children between ages 7 and 11 will benefit tremendously from this student-first initiative.

Year 7 to 8 Key Stage 3 – English & Maths

We believe that good exam results are achieved through consistent, high-quality online teaching. Our Year 7 and 8 English and Maths prepares students for their future GCSE exams by equipping them with the knowledge and attitude they need to succeed. Teachers of the key subjects are extremely knowledgeable in that area, and able to offer time, resources and support in ways that other education providers cannot. This course is essential for high-achievers interested in looking to the future.

Year 6-Sats Master Classes

Pupils that take the Year 6 master classes are in a league of their own, developing an in-depth grasp on English that will allow them to thrive, when taking their SATs and beyond. Our creative writing programme was designed by a team of passionate, experienced teachers to fully prepare your child. They will take their end of exams confident in their ability to produce creative writing, use and identify advanced grammar, and so much more.

Year 6 SATS Preparation

The “SATs Preparation” programme gives your Year 6 student the best possible chance at acing their SATs, building their confidence and guaranteeing you peace of mind. Thorough online teaching of the core subjects, English and Maths, and frequent test practice means that your child will find their SATs rewarding and accessible. We are entirely up to date with the curriculum and objective changes, and are confident in making sure that everything is understood, with proven success.

Year 9 to 11 GCSE – English / Maths / Science

Your child’s GCSE results decide whether they are going to do A levels, secure an apprenticeship or proceed into the world of work, and so the results they achieve are important. Success at GCSE level is determined by the quality of teaching, and all of our teachers have an in-depth, holistic strategy complimented by years of professional experience and subject-specific knowledge.

GCSE Holiday Workshops

Subject specialist teachers offer intensive, supportive teaching in English, Science and Maths to help your child strive for success in their GCSEs. Year 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to learn exam techniques and key content that they may have missed, forgotten or not understood while at school, as we have the time and resources that ordinary schools lack.


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We're happy to answer any questions you might have. Once you register with one of the team, you can make payment directly into our bank account and you will then receive a confirmation that you child has been booked onto the programme.

Here are some FAQs about tuition in Prince Albert High School




Why Choose Achieving Success?

At Achieving Success, our bespoke Prince Albert High School tuition centres provide students in the Birmingham area with expert teaching, taught in a dedicated classroom environment. Whether your child needs support with SATs, GCSEs, 11 Plus Tuition or tuition in general, our qualified teachers help and encourage their overall growth.

Fully Qualified Teachers

Provide your child with the support and skills they need to thrive. The teachers at Achieving Success are fully qualified and experts within their fields. Your child will benefit from from years of experience within both primary and secondary education.

Safe And Secure

You can be assured that the staff at Achieving Success have been Police and DBS checked, to ensure the safety of our pupils. In the event of a fire or accident, a first aider will always be on-site to assist. Our centres are built to comply with government legislation and are fitted with essential exits and fire fighting equipment.

Latest Facilities

Our tuition centres feature purpose built classrooms that employ state-of-the-art educational technology, helping to facilitate pupils’ learning. Your child is guaranteed a first rate education in a supporting, pleasant environment.

Outstanding Results

With the help from our dedicated staff and expert teaching, your child could exceed the national levels of performance. Many of our previous students have achieved a 100% score, ensuring a place at their chosen school.

Bespoke Material

Our specially designed, bespoke curriculum, ensures that your child overcomes any problems they may have with their studies. Coupled with brilliant teaching, our team help prepare your child with the skills needed to succeed and further their education.

Centers Across Birmingham

Our tuition centres are conveniently situated with close proximity to Birmingham and Solihull. Located in Erdington and Hodge Hill , our centres feature onsite parking.

Achieving Success Tutoring


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