Private tutoring is a proven means of boosting your child’s practical understanding of a wide range of subjects and resulting in academic results. Class learning in tuition centres has become the favoured choice for parents wishing to provide their children with extra academic support. 

There are multiple reasons why parents may deem private tuition necessary for their children. Some parents may not have the required time to aid with school work, whilst some may simply feel as though their current schooling system is not supporting or challenging their children enough. Private tuition is also a great option to keep students on track during extended breaks from school, such as the summer, Easter and Christmas periods. 

With class sizes constantly on the rise, many parents may fear that their children are not getting the attention and support they need to unlock their academic potential. Our Birmingham tuition centres aim to further students’ academic comprehension, self-confidence and independent learning skills, leaving a lifetime of benefits

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of class tuition and discover which means of private tutoring is the best option for your child. 

Pro: Bespoke Learning

To keep up with constant government changes in the school syllabus, we offer a fully-tailored, bespoke lesson plan. This customised approach allows your child to perform at their best and feel confident in exactly what they need to know for their specific school’s syllabus. 

Due to the smaller class sizes and expert teaching standards, students will reap the benefits of tutors’ ability to adjust the pace, focus and goals of a lesson depending on the classes’ needs and abilities.

Of course, 1-on-1 tuition will give your child even more of undivided attention than class tutoring, however, this is not necessarily a benefit. We find that many children work far better and likewise feel more comfortable in a communal environment surrounded by their peers, which is important for boosting their motivation to learn.

Pro: Fully Qualified Teachers

Whilst some private tuition companies may use tutors who have yet to graduate themselves, all of Achieving Success’ tutors are required to be currently teaching at either primary or secondary education level. Why? 

The expertise that these tutors bring with them is vital in ensuring that your child is provided with the teaching pedagogy required to meet the demands of the new national curriculum. 

Likewise, this added experience is vital to maintain a level of academic focus and enthusiasm within the classroom. Our qualified staff will implement the right teaching strategies to keep your children on track to complete their work in the most rewarding manner possible. 

Any concerns regarding your child’s safety are dispelled through working with our multiple Birmingham tuition centres. A parent has every right to want their child to be placed within the safest and secure environment possible, which is why all of our staff are DBS and fully police checked.

Pro: Purpose-Built Facilities

Working in a cramped classroom or overly familial environment (such as the family home), will not promote the best learning environment possible for your child. 

Achieving Success work with established schools, meaning that your child will study within purpose-built classrooms with the best facilities and learning tools. The simple fact that schools trust us to use these purpose-built facilities during weekends and after school emphasises the quality of tuition that we provide. 

As your child’s safety is paramount, all of the centres used are built to the highest government standards and have the necessary fire exits and first aiders on site.

Working with 1-on-1 tuition may seem convenient as it can be performed from home, however, having your child work in an external learning environment will provide them with the focus necessary to succeed. 

Pro: The Results Speak for Themselves

As does this subheading. Once your children are given the support and attention that they require, you will be amazed how quickly they are able to reach their learning potential.

All of our pupils at Achieving Success have amazing pass rates and have exceeded national levels across the board. Some of the best results include: 

  • 100% “Expected” and above SATs results (compared to the national average of 61%).
  • 100% of pupils 11 Plus class pupils successfully passed their Grammar School exams.
  • 100% GCSE achieved “Grade 5” in English and Maths.
  •  Two pupils came in the top 2% of the country in English and Maths for GCSE “Grade 8”.

Alongside academic success, your children will receive a firm grounding in independent learning, improving self-confidence and furthering their social skills. The love for learning is a vital skill which we promote in all of our students to ensure their long-term academic success.

Con: Cost

The financial strain of private tuition may be a burden which many families cannot afford to bare. Certain companies may price many parents out of the price bracket of their class tuition services. Such exclusivity can a bitter pill to swallow when it comes to your child’s academic success.

However, it is important to bear in mind that tuition should not be seen as a sunk cost, but rather as a worthwhile investment for the future of your children. Achieving Success wholly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to unlock their full potential. This is why we offer a great value for money service and aim to arrange a payment plan that suits your needs perfectly.

Are you worried about the affordability of private tuition? Please contact us to discuss your best options. In certain cases, we may be able to offer discounts on children from the same family and will do all we can to reach a financial solution that works for you.  

Con: Stress

As an adult, it can be easy to envy a child’s seemingly carefree lifestyle. However, it is important to remember that students are given constant testing and increasingly harder academic challenges as time goes on.

An added level of stress can come with this constant emphasis on academic improvement. In such cases, sending your child through private tuition may seem like a mentally and emotionally draining option to take. Of course, depending on which tutoring company you choose, this may be true…

Certain tutors will place an unwavering emphasis on results, success and academic achievement no matter the costs. However, here at Achieving Success, we believe that a happy medium must be reached between academic success and maintaining the student’s emotional well-being and low stress-levels. This teaching strategy is vital, not only for your child’s happiness, but also to promote a long-term love of learning and academic enthusiasm which lasts a lifetime. 

Why Achieving Success is Your Best Option

Regardless of whether you are looking for 11 Plus Tutoring, GCSE Tutoring, SATS or Grammar School Tutoring in Birmingham – Achieving Success are the premier tutoring agency in Birmingham. We provide tutoring for all the main exams and core subjects, including English, maths and science. 

All of our programs are completely bespoke and taught in actual schools by fully qualified teachers who teach Monday to Friday outside of our sessions. This means they are fully engaged with the current academic syllabus and can help with all the upcoming exams. 

Contact us today for any further information regarding your child’s path to success.