It is only natural as a parent to be concerned about whether your child is on course to unlock their academic potential. Whether it is due to feeling unsupported or challenged by their present school system, or an external factor which has impeded your child’s ability to learn, there are various reasons to invest in private tuition. 

Our Birmingham tuition centre’s aims are to provide children with academic comprehension, self-confident and vital learning skills which are necessary to succeed. Private tuition is a great option to keep students on track during extended breaks from school, such as the Summer holidays. However, is this the right thing to do?

Some may argue that private tutoring over the summer is encroaching upon childrens’ rightful opportunity to relax and just be children. While the downtime is definitely beneficial and should not be neglected, combining this with tuition sessions could be of huge benefit to their long, medium and even short term well-being. Here, we will evaluate the circumstances in which private tuition during the summer months can be beneficial for students and help you decide whether this is the best option for your child. 

Ensuring Success in 11 Plus Exams

Within the increasingly competitive and oversubscribed traditional school system, the option of attending an 11 plus grammar school is an enticing prospect for many parents. 

Each grammar school will have their own specific examining body and syllabus which they test students on when deciding whether they can attend the school. Investing in the benefits of a summer tuition programme is a great option to ensure that your child has the best chance of getting into a grammar school and boosting their long-term academic potential.

Of course, children deserve a break from their studies. Achieving Success understands this and therefore allows you to tailor a learning programme for your child which delivers the perfect blend of academic achievement and emotional downtime. 

What better way to alleviate your child’s stress then have them go into their 11 plus exams knowing they’ve given themselves the best chance of success? Achieving Success’ 11 Plus Grammar School Programme has produced a 100% pass rate on all students at our Birmingham tuition centre.

We combine a unique blend of teaching experience with modern techniques to equip your child with all the necessary skills and knowledge to pass their grammar test. Knowing your child has dedicated time for their studies with qualified teachers allows you to relax and plan more fun activities at home, allowing them to have the best of both worlds. 

Making Up for Lost Time

For many children, there may have been personal or external circumstances outside of their family’s control which has resulted in time away from school. In other cases, academic regression cannot be explained as easily and may have simply been a result of a change in attitude or cognitive development experienced by your child. 

Adolescents are constantly experiencing change, physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically. Therefore, a sudden change in academic performance is not unprecedented in developing students.

The summer holidays could give your child the chance to feel further motivated to succeed within a fresh and rewarding new environment. In any case, summer tuition can ultimately allow your child to make up for the lost time in their academic development. Our Birmingham tuition centre offers an expertly designed and taught syllabus to fill in any gaps in the curriculum students have missed. 

Guaranteed GCSE Results

You probably don’t need reminding that GCSE results can be a pivotal moment in a child’s academic future. Of course, there are exciting options that lay ahead regardless of a student’s grades, they are not the be-all and end-all of life.

While not all paths to success are built upon good GCSE grades, the simple truth is that the pool of options remain larger when certain grades are achieved. Particular colleges and apprenticeships, for example, will require students to have reached a minimum grade in the likes of Maths, English & Science.

To help guarantee that your child achieves the necessary results to springboard them into the next platform of their journey, why not invest in the benefits of our Birmingham tuition centre’s GCSE tuition? 

100% of Achieving Success’ students obtained “Grade 5” (or above) in English and Maths GCSEs. Two pupils from this cohort also came in the top 2% of the country in English and Maths for GCSE “Grade 8”.

When Summer Tutoring Is Not Necessary

Here at Achieving Success, we place a dual-emphasis on maintaining and bettering the emotional and mental wellbeing of your child, whilst simultaneously promoting their academic performance. In light of this, we find it necessary to speak candidly about circumstances in which summer tutoring may not be necessary. 

If your child is performing well at school, then naturally you want to do all you can to maintain this achievement. While this is understandable, it is equally important not to overly strain their mental capacity and willingness to learn. Excess stress can be just as detrimental to academic achievement as educational negligence. 

With this in mind, Achieving Success implement an honest and reputable practice which will guarantee that a student’s well being is not compromised for the good of grades. There are various programmes available at our Birmingham tuition centres to ensure that your child is able to unlock their academic potential, within a reasonable time frame which suits their specific needs.  

To ensure our learning experience benefits your child best, each child takes a free assessment paper, giving us an indication of their specific needs and abilities. Following this, our team will provide feedback to you as a parent, informing you of our expectations and designing a plan to help your child develop in the best way possible.

Why Achieving Success is Your Best Option

Do you believe that your child could benefit from summer tutoring?

As the premier tutoring agency in Birmingham, all of our sessions are completely bespoke and taught real schools by experts who genuinely care about your child’s well-being and academic achievement. Our classes are taught by fully qualified teachers, working in real schools Monday to Friday. This means our tutors are fully clued up on the current curriculum and can help your student succeed in the upcoming exams. 

Alongside summer tuition, we are currently offering tuition programmes from Years 1 to GCSE and all core subjects including maths, English and science. We ensure that your child has the best chance to succeed in every stage of their educational journey and attain academic success.

Contact us today for any further information and we can get your child on track to unlocking their full potential.