Private tuition can sound like an unnecessary expense, especially if there are no obvious issues when it comes to education with your child. However, children who attend private tuition are guaranteed to do better in 11 plus, SATs and GCSEs, giving them a more significant start in their educational journey. At Achieving success we thrive on ensuring that your child achieves the best private tuition in Birmingham. This blog will explain the seven main advantages of hiring a private tutor.

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1. Tailored Learning Techniques

There has been research proving that each child absorbs information in different ways. For example, visual learners thrive better with the assistance of pictures and graphs to help convey information, whereas an auditory learner may require more verbal communication. Lastly, there are the kinaesthetic learners, who need to physically engage with what they are learning about. This topic is regularly discussed within schools when evaluating how best to deliver lessons. However, with up to 30 students in a class, it is difficult to suit the needs of every pupil. We will get to know your child and tailor our delivery based on how they learn best.

2. Matching Student to Tutor

Being a teacher is a difficult task. They must ensure they are meeting everyone’s requirements and delivering engaging material whilst still establishing an air of authority to keep a large group of pupils on track. Occasionally, a teacher’s delivery will disagree with a student, and it can sometimes put a child off learning. With private tuition, we match the teacher to the student, allowing your child to receive the best possible experience to keep them captivated and engaged.

3. Assist Busy Parents

We offer a range of services to help assist you and your child. We provide online tuition in the UK from the age of six through to GCSE level, and all of our teachers are currently teaching within schools, giving them up-to-date curriculum knowledge. This knowledge allows our tutors to assist your child with any homework they may have been given within state-provided educational settings. Being a parent is often a balancing act of many plates. We can help you ensure homework is completed on time, an their educational needs and worries are successfully dealt with. Private tuition enables you to concentrate on spending quality time with your family without the chores of homework and trying to understand your child’s coursework for yourself.

4. Early Intervention For Struggling Students

Is it apathy or a genuine struggle? Assessing if your child is really struggling with their education or simply uninterested due to playtimes or meeting up with friends can be difficult. Reaching out to private tuition can help figure out if there may be an underlying learning difficulty or if the desire to apply themselves is just slightly lacking. We do not diagnose students, but we can give them extra support where necessary with our tailored learning.

5. Personalised Goals

Whilst most of the time, the overall goal of our students are the same (to pass their upcoming tests or exams with flying colours), their milestones all look different. Some students require extra attention in areas where another pupil may thrive. With our bespoke plans, we can ensure that the goals are as individual as your child’s and grow their confidence when it comes to applying themselves and achieving those high grades.

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6. 100% pass rates in GCSE, SATs and 11 plus

Those students who achieve well in their exams, will often go on to find well-paid employment, make fulfilling life choices and have an easier time achieving a higher standard of living. Starting early and performing well from the start of a child’s educational journey can help them with their confidence to go on to achieve better. With the help of our incredible teachers, we achieve a 100% pass rate at 11 Plus exams. Additionally, 100% of our students achieve over grade 5 at GCSE (Equivalent to a high C or low B on the old GCSE grading), and two of our previous students came within the top 2% in the country in both Maths and English. So if it is GCSE help or 11 Plus preparation you need help with, we make sure you get the grades you need.

7. Boost a Child’s Confidence

Often when we begin our introductions, many students approach tuition with an air of caution. Most of the time, it is the unknown factor of what private tuition involves. Some of the time, it is disconcertion over the idea of attending private tuition in the first place. Whatever the reason, students come to us very timid. However, with our team of understanding tutors and some co-operation, when it comes to taking their exams, they are filled with natural confidence, which is reflected when they receive their exam results. Results day is always our favourite period of the year; it is when we get to see how much a child has blossomed as a result of the progress they’ve made throughout the year.

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It is never too early for any child to begin with private tuition. It gives them an advantageous head start in education and life. If you have any questions about our private tuition, please browse our programmes and fill out our enquiry form to arrange a call-back with a member of our team.