GCSEs are a vital milestone for any child and will provide the foundation for their success in later life, whether for obtaining the grades they need for higher education or giving them the best chances for employment. As a parent, we know that you will want your child to achieve the best they can to provide them with the best start in life, but you may not know where to start supporting your child through this stressful education period. As a leading provider of online tuition in the UK, we are here to help. Today we will explore how best to help your child with their GCVSE revision and the benefits you can have as a parent, regardless of your educational background.

Create a Schedule Together

Whether it’s keeping on top of regular chores or ensuring everyone is where they should be daily, planning and structure are essential for an organised household. As a parent, organising and creating a weekly schedule may come naturally. However, these skills may not come as naturally to your child, so sitting with them to devise a plan for when they can dedicate the time to study for their exams could be extremely helpful in assisting your child in feeling more prepared for their GCSE exams.

Although it may feel like a good idea to plan to study for every free time they may have within their weekly activities, you must also remember to ensure they have a good balance of learning. Studies have shown that taking a break every 45-60 minutes of the revision can improve the success of retaining the information and improve concentration levels. In addition, it can minimise burnout and stress levels. Helping your child develop a productive yet efficient schedule will ensure they are ready for any assignment and exam they need to complete.

Set Up a Study Space

A dedicated area your child can use to study will help them concentrate on their studies and block out distractions. Dedicated study space can reduce stress levels, increase focus time and offer consistency for implementing dedicated study times. Whilst they may prefer to hit the books in the comfort of their own room, this could risk various distractions and even prevent them from getting a good night’s sleep. Separating their relaxing space from their study space can help compartmentalise downtime from focus time, which allows them to switch their focus more successfully.

Your child’s study place should be free from clutter and offer access to resources they may need, such as internet access, stationery and enough workspace to spread out all their essentials. Additionally, a comfy seat is essential for ensuring they are comfortable whilst studying and can help prevent aches and pains, which can prevent them from wanting to study in the first place. Offering them these basic study requirements will provide them with all they need to concentrate and hit the books without distraction and struggling to have the necessary resources.

Revise with Them

Whilst you may feel out of your depth helping your child revise, it could be a great way to increase your child’s confidence and feel supported in their studies. Even if you are unfamiliar with the materials they may be studying, offering to help them could give them a chance to ensure they fully understand their subject, as they will be teaching someone without insight on the topic. This process could be a significant confidence boost for your child and help them see the success they have already achieved with their revision, encouraging them to continue the hard work they have already put in.

In addition, by offering assistance in revision, you could give them a new perspective on any areas they struggle with. Most parents will have already been through their own GCSEs, and whilst the subjects may have changed for various exams, the techniques and revision methods you may have learned for your own exams could still be applied. Even experience and skills you have learnt after your school education may offer assistance in better techniques. For example, suppose your child is struggling with a maths problem and the standard methods their class has been taught; you may have an alternative way to achieve the same results, which may suit your child. So, regardless of your experience or education level, even just being a soundboard for your child to bounce ideas off could be significant to the success of their revision. For the more technical elements of helping your child overcome hurdles in their studies, you could always reach out to our GCSE tutors in Birmingham, who will be happy to help understand whichever subject they may be struggling with.

Encourage Healthy Habits

It is a well-known fact that a healthy lifestyle boosts endorphins to promote productivity and a positive attitude towards personal growth. There are many ways you can help your child to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst they are going through the most stressful period of their life. Encouraging your child to make healthy choices whilst dealing with stressful situations and being under pressure is an essential skill that can help them throughout their entire life, so learning this young is a great way to provide the foundations for a lifetime of success. See below for examples of healthy habits that could benefit your teenager throughout their exams.

Technology Downtime

In a world of addictive social media, online gaming and being accessible at any hour of the day through messaging can add to the pressure and stress your child may already be suffering. Recommend regular intervals where your child will cut off from technology altogether and give them the space to relax and switch off from the internet. Of course, we understand that every lifestyle is different, so we advise speaking with your child to see when this will work for them and explain how it isn’t a punishment but a way to help them reduce unnecessary stress.

Regular Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity. It can be as simple as a daily walk with the family dog or through a local park. Whatever they may enjoy, help them schedule a time to get moving. This will help reduce stress levels and may even give them breathing space to overcome issues they may have with their revision. However, if your child is athletically minded, see if there is a sports team they may enjoy joining. Again, this will help with creating a consistent routine and schedule.

A Healthy Diet

Eating poorly can reduce productivity levels. Consuming foods high in sugar and processed fats can cause lethargy, preventing them from concentrating during their study times. When shopping for your family, be sure to pick up a range of healthy snacks and meals offering vitamins and proteins to elevate their ability to focus. Whilst we aren’t saying to ditch the Friday night takeaways, having a good balance throughout the week can promote a better balance than snacking on sweets and processed foods. Keeping hydrated is also essential to maintaining focus and preventing fatigue.

A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for the ability to concentrate. Being well-rested will give your child the stamina they will need to get through a day of school and activities and still find the time to fit in their studying. A typical 15-year-old needs 8-10 hours of sleep to support their physical health, mental health, development, and growth. Teenagers need to get into healthy sleeping habits, such as a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding stimulating devices before bed, and a comfortable sleep environment.

Get Professional Help For Your Child

If you feel that despite your best efforts in assisting your teenager with their revision, they are still struggling with revising for their GCSEs, it may be an opportunity to get outside help. Most schools will offer workshops and out-of-school sessions to help students with their studies. These are great if you may be struggling to find a dedicated distraction-free space in your home or if there is a specific issue your child may be having. However, these sessions often rely on volunteer teachers to remain behind and may not suit your child’s needs.

At Achieving Success, we offer bespoke programmes to suit your child’s exact needs. Whether they require one-to-one assistance or prefer working with others in the likes of our GCSE Holiday Workshops, we can help. Working with you and your child, we will ensure they have all the help they need to get the best they can in their GCSEs. So, enquire online today to help your child achieve success in their GCSEs.