Prior to the pandemic, online learning was an option rarely considered by most people. However, with everyone being forced to continue their studies virtually during the lockdown, it quickly became evident that there are plenty of benefits to studying from the comfort of your home.

Now, with ‘Working from Home’ becoming normalised throughout businesses, with options such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom available, your child has plenty of opportunities to learn online.

Offering your child the chance to keep up with their studies whilst embracing the world of video calling could help them in many ways once they leave school.

As a leading provider of private tuition in Birmingham, we thoroughly enjoy reaching more students than ever through online learning.

What Is Online Tuition?

Online tuition is a very broad term and covers a scope of formats for delivering extra tutoring for students. This format can range from receiving workbooks and texts online to work through at their own pace or face-to-face video sessions, including one-to-one teaching or a virtual classroom style.

Essentially, online tuition is the same teaching you would typically receive face to face but delivered through a virtual presence.

The Benefits of Online Tuition

Although in-person teaching offers many advantages, online tuition has several benefits that in-person learning can’t provide.

More Opportunities

One of the most significant drawbacks to in-person tutoring is often the lack of availability of tutors within a specific area.

Although there are hundreds of tutoring services throughout the country, not every child has the same accessibility, and waiting lists can often be months or years long. This can result in looking further afield, meaning long commutes and expensive travel costs.

Online tutoring is accessible to every student with home broadband in many countries. This offers many more equal opportunities and gives more students a chance they may not have had in the past.

Ideal for Shy Students

Whether nervous in a large group or struggling to meet new people, learning online can introduce students to their peers or tutors whilst comfortable in their own homes.

As a company with expertise in online tuition, we often see children struggling in a face-to-face environment flourish and gain so much confidence that they can come to our in-person sessions they previously didn’t find appealing.

No More Rushing Around

Instead of being another function you’ll have to take them to, your child can buckle down with their 11 plus tuition whilst you are free to supervise or continue with other tasks around the home. This flexibility frees up any commute time, waiting around, and even the cost of getting them to and from class. It’s much less restrictive as it frees you up to spend the time how you need.

Who Teaches Your Child?

You may worry about the tutor’s credentials when finding online tutoring. A reputable online tutoring service will ensure your child is matched with a tutor with all the relevant expertise and qualifications. However, this can range from undergraduate students to retired teachers. So, finding one with the appropriate knowledge to deliver the education your child needs may be challenging.

As a leader in online tuition in the UK, all our tutors are fully qualified teachers currently enrolled in teaching. Each person is an expert in their field and knows everything required by the relevant examination boards. Exam boards can change year by year, so we ensure that our teachers know precisely what your child needs to pass their exams successfully. We only hire current teachers to ensure that your child receives up-to-date material and learns in line with the established curriculum of the time.

Solo vs Virtual Classroom

Solo lessons offer students a one-to-one tutoring session. It is usually done over video call and works directly on your child’s needs. This allows the tutor to engage with the student fully, get to know them personally and fit any teaching around how they will absorb it best. This can be ideal for students struggling in a classroom environment and are prone to distraction.

A virtual classroom offers the chance to learn with peers their age via a video call. Since the pandemic, many children will already be used to receiving learning in a virtual manner, and this can help get them used to communicating with others virtually. This skill, we predict, will be much needed throughout many professions in years to come. It also helps them learn with peers of a similar educational level and encourages cooperative learning with collaboration and interaction.

How to Know What Your Child Needs Educationally?

If you are looking for high-quality online tutoring, you may already believe your child may need extra help to reach their full potential. How to deliver this can only be assessed by a qualified tutor. As a parent, you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of the national curriculum and what your child may need help with. This is why at Achieving Success, we offer a free initial assessment of your child’s current understanding to offer you the best bespoke services for your child to reach their full potential.

Once your child receives their classes online, we will ensure that you are not in the dark about their progress and will offer updates on their development and achievements. Our courses can cover most school ages, from Primary Level Boosting to GCSE tuition, so whatever exams, age or struggles your child may be having, we can help.

All our programmes can be found online, but to get help for your child or more information, you can call us on 0121 769 2795.