Whilst year nine is not essentially a GCSE year, it is still important for the preparation of GCSEs and should be treated as just as vital. Many schools will start to cover the introductions to GCSE work towards the end of year nine, and whilst the work they carry out will not contribute to the final submitted pieces, it is excellent practice for the years when their work will be submitted.

As a parent, you may wonder how you can help your child through this transition by offering them the best start to their GCSEs. As private tutors in Birmingham and online, we know that every child deserves only the best support. Here are a few ways of helping them.

Have an Open Conversation

The first and most important job as a parent is to listen to your child and their needs. It does not require a formality and can be conducted in a casual setting, either at home or whilst taking care of chores. Understanding where a student is will offer an insight into where they may require assistance and additional help. Questions and topics to learn about include:

  • How does a student feel about the GCSE years? Are they anxious or relaxed?
  • What subjects that they already study do they struggle with?
  • What topics are they ready for?
  • Which topics are they looking forward to and do well in?

Gauging where a student is mentally can make it easier to know if they require additional help, such as GCSE holiday workshops.

Prepare for Optional Subjects

Many schools are encouraging a more evolved GCSE process by starting the exam period in Year 9, which means students may have already begun their GCSE years and picked their chosen subjects. Having that extra year to study for their exams allows students to feel less pressure and puts them into better preparation for when it comes to the final exam.

However, if your child’s school is still following the standard GCSE process, year nine will be the year they will have more of a say in their education. Each school offers their optional subjects differently. For example, a school with a specialism in a specific subject, such as language, may require every student to take a language as an essential. However, every school will provide you with the relevant information and with an open conversation, you and your child can figure out the best path for them.

When it comes to choosing what your child does for GCSE, it may be tempting to guide them into a practical route with academic-based subjects such as geography, history and IT. However, allowing them to explore their creativity with drama, art and music could open them to more cultures and experiences worldwide. Researching the curriculum for that GCSE year can help you identify which subjects will fit your child best and allow them to play to their strengths. Of course, deciding on a career at this age is too early, but if your child has an exceptional talent for a subject, it is always best to ensure they are encouraged to pursue this.

Hit the Books

Preparing your child may be difficult. Perhaps they haven’t quite got the passion for learning or don’t quite understand the amount of work they will be given. Or maybe you have a child who is raring to get started? Either way, picking a few previous textbooks of subjects they may be intending to take could be an ideal way of introducing them to the sort of topics they will be covering.

This could help get them excited about their new subjects and familiarise them with some of the languages that may be used, allowing them to quell any worries and misunderstandings early on. On the other hand, suppose you would like your child to explore their GCSE subjects fully. In that case, we provide online tuition classes to assist children throughout all GCSE years. Thanks to our qualified tutors, your child will receive the best and most up-to-date knowledge of the national curriculum.

Prepare Them With the Correct Equipment

Of course, once you have them mentally prepared, you need to ensure they are physically prepared with the right study materials. So, once you are confident in the classes your child will be taking, take time to find everything they need, from calculators, sports equipment, files, binders and any other stationery required to stay organised. This will help them feel confident that they are fully prepared when it comes to starting their GCSE year.

Finding Additional Help

GCSEs are the foundation to success, all the years spent at school lead up to this period which will lay the path to further education. Whilst resits are available for students who would like a second try, you can help make sure your child does their best the first time with GCSE tutoring in Birmingham. Offering them a tutor provides a secure solidification of existing knowledge and the additional ability to expand on subjects for more precise essays and accurate answers. For assistance in finding an excellent tutor for your child’s best start in their GCSEs, you can sign up online or call us directly on 0121 769 2795.