The pandemic has shown many people and businesses alike the effectiveness of working from home. Many teachers and members within the education sector have worked very hard to ensure that no child is left without an education and Achieving Success is no different. This new style of learning has come with many questions, such as ‘What are the benefits of teaching online?’ There are many benefits to online teaching, and we believe that it’s actually here to stay for good! 

Both teachers and pupils have had to adjust to this ‘new normal’, however many studies have shown that online learning can be up to five times more effective than in-classroom teaching and is actually more convenient with the hustle and bustle of our busy day to day lives.

Please find a number of benefits that online teaching can offer your child.

The Comfort Of Home

Participating in online learning from the comfort of their own home allows your child to exercise their mind in a safe and familiar environment. Starting new material, in a new environment with a new teacher can be a completely overwhelming experience. This may even be detrimental to your child’s ability to learn – especially if they struggle with change. 

Online teaching enables your child to learn in a setting that is more comfortable and conducive to their individual learning style and productivity. Every child is different; one may need complete silence to concentrate, whereas another may work best with background noise or quiet music to stay motivated. Lessons taken from home can be moulded to suit the needs of each child, empowering them to engage with the material in a confident manner.

Online teaching also prevents essential material from being missed. Due to your child not having to travel to receive their lessons, they may decide to participate in lectures, even if they are feeling slightly under the weather.

Accessible From Anywhere

Online teaching provides your child with learning that is very flexible and accessible from almost anywhere – so long as you have wifi! Our classes can be accessed on the go; whether you’re on holiday or waiting for an appointment at the dentist, and so can fit into busy parent’s schedules. As many of our online lectures can be recorded, students are able to access material they have previously learnt to refresh their memories and reinforce the information.

Creates Routine, Motivation And Discipline

Our bespoke classes are scheduled on certain days and times, creating a routine for your child’s learning experience. Because it is largely up to them to engage with the material, and concentrate outside of school hours, this develops motivation and a willingness to learn. Your child learns to hold themselves accountable for their own development and to take control of their learning, instilling a sense of pride in their achievements. Your child is largely responsible for their own success.

Increased Interaction

  • Online teaching enables your child to interact with their peers and teachers in real-time, offering increased opportunities to participate in discussion, ask questions and develop their communication skills. 
  • Online learning often also provides more scope for positive and constructive feedback in areas that your child may be struggling with or excelling at. 
  • Interactive sessions where your child has the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers can develop important skills such as teamwork and leadership qualities.
  • Interactive sessions also allow your child to practice their digital skills, which will help them transition to working with technology and online software in the future. 
  • Finally, your child will meet people and make new friends who are likely to have similar interests to them, making it more exciting to participate in class.

Reduced Pressure

More often than not, schools and institutions can create a competitive atmosphere amongst students which can lead to individuals comparing their ability and measuring their perceived worth against others. This can lead to negative and detrimental opinions, feelings and thoughts affecting their ability. Being presented with the option to learn in a safe space can help some ‘sensitive’ students to focus on their learning instead of worrying about in-class competition.

Learning Can Be Fun

Due to teachers not being confined to a classroom or the usual techniques adopted in school, they have more freedom to be creative, making online teaching often more impactful for pupils. Taking advantage of technologies such as animations, storyboarding, problem solving and games, and digital whiteboards, provides children with a more diverse and interactive learning experience – rather than reading straight from a textbook. Making learning fun is the key to immersive, effective and an exciting education.

Try Online Teaching With Achieving Success

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