Competition for grades is getting more fierce amongst the next generation of young minds.  2019 saw an increase in top GCSE results for the second year in a row. Putting this into more concrete figures, more than one in five (20.8%) UK GCSE entries scored one of the three top grades in 2019. The number of students who received the “top” grades, which is roughly defined as at least a 7 (or A) grade, is at its highest since 2015.

Whilst some British children are clearly beginning to excel within the education system, some parents may fear that their children are not getting the attention and support they need to unlock their academic potential. Rising class sizes in many national schools is one of the biggest reasons for this concern. Private tutoring is a proven means of boosting your child’s practical understanding of a wide range of subjects and resulting in academic results. 

Class learning in Birmingham tuition centres has become the favoured choice for parents wishing to provide their children with extra academic support. Keep reading to learn how to engage young minds with English tutors Birmingham private learning. 

Who Needs Private Learning?

Private learning is a guaranteed means of instilling children with academic comprehension, self-confidence and the vital learning skills which are necessary to succeed in academic and later life. 

There are many reasons why parents may opt for the services of English tutors Birmingham. Some parents may not have the required time to aid with school work, whilst some may simply feel as though their current schooling system is not supporting or challenging their children enough. This service is also a great option to keep students on track during extended breaks from school, such as the summer, Easter and Christmas periods. 

Children who are currently going through tests or important exams can benefit from the extra support that Birmingham tuition centres can provide. Particularly, those revising for 11 Plus grammar school entrance exams over the summer may opt for private learning.

Ultimately, what better way to alleviate your child’s stress then have them go into their 11 plus, GCSE, A-Level of SATS exams knowing they’ve given themselves the best chance of success? Achieving Success’ 11 Plus Grammar School Programme has produced a 100% pass rate on all students who have gone through our programme. We boast fantastic results amongst all of our students, evidenced through us also boasting a 100% success rate for all students achieving a minimum of “Grade 5” in English and Maths GCSEs.

However, it is important to remember that children deserve a break from their studies in order to unwind and recharge. Another way in which we work with your child to produce academic success whilst also balancing emotional support is through tailoring a learning programme for your child which delivers the perfect blend of academic achievement and psychological downtime. 

Personalised Learning

Bespoke, personalised learning is set up to help get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, whilst engaging with them accordingly. This is also beneficial as government changes to syllabus are constantly happening, meaning that we offer a fully-tailored, bespoke lesson plan to help tackle this inconsistency. Ultimately, this customised approach to learning allows students to perform at their best and be confident in exactly what they need to know for their specific school’s syllabus. 

The smaller classroom sizes and expert teaching standards mean that students are more likely to be engaged and not “fade into the background”. This can, unfortunately, happen too often in standard schooling systems for children who are lacking engagement due to a variety of institutional factors (e.g. not receiving enough teacher attention due to classroom sizes). 

Ultimately children will reap the benefits of tutors’ ability to adjust the pace, focus and goals of a lesson depending on the classes’ needs and abilities.

Bespoke Facilities and Resources

As we all know, people differ hugely in terms of where they work and learn the most productively. Some students may find it easy to revise at home or learn in the classroom, however, many will find that working in a cramped classroom or overly familiar environment (such as the family home), will not promote the best learning environment possible.

Bearing in mind every child’s unique needs and preferences, we offer purpose-built classrooms with the best facilities and learning tools. Through working with established schools, we have access to bespoke facilities and the best resources possible. The fact that schools trust us to use these facilities weekends is a testament to the high-quality level of tuition on offer. 

A key part of learning engagement for young minds is also feeling safe and comfortable in their environment. All of the centres used are built to the highest government standards and have the necessary fire exits and first aiders on site. Our high-quality staff are also all DBS and fully police checked.

The teaching staff on offer through Achieving Success all have great prior experience at teaching at either primary or secondary school level. This added experience is vital to maintaining a cohesive level of academic focus and enthusiasm within the classroom. Our qualified staff will implement the right teaching strategies to keep your children on track to complete their work in the most engaging way possible. 

Achieving Success Alongside Young Minds

Are you ready to engage your young minds with bespoke and expert private tutoring?

Regardless of whether you are looking for 11 Plus Tutoring, GCSE Tutoring, SATS or Grammar School Tutoring in Birmingham – Achieving Success is the premier tutoring agency in Birmingham. We provide tutoring for all the main exams and core subjects, including English, Maths and Science.

All of our programs are completely bespoke and taught in actual schools by fully qualified teachers who teach Monday to Friday outside of our sessions. This means they are fully engaged with the current academic syllabus and can help with all the upcoming exams. 

Contact us today for any further information regarding your child’s path to success.